Saturday, 22 March 2014

Clinique Chubby Stick in Voluptuous Violet - Review

Miss Y. - Chubby Stick in Voluptuous Violet
Ahh Chubby. So much has been said and written about you, so often have you been copied by high-end and drugstore brands.

Now it is my turn to write a review about you.

I remember buying you as a little treat to myself. You were my best friend immediately.

Maybelline Fit Me Anti-Shine Stick - Review

Miss Y. - Maybelline FIT me! Anti-shine stick in 120 Vanille
Hi everyone,

I've been switching up my foundations lately because the temperatures are going up.

However, I loved the FIT me! Antishine stick so much during the winter that I just needed to write a review about it.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

M*A*C 187 Brush - Review

Miss Y. - M*A*C 187 Brush

I have a confession to make. About a year ago I spent an absolute fortune on this brush. I was a religious reader of beauty blogs and obsessed with M*A*C, a brand that wasn't very available in my country at that time. So imagine my joy when I found out that M*A*C had opened up a store in my hometown shopping centre. I wanted to invest in a good product, one I'd read a lot about on beauty blogs. It was the 187 brush.

Boy, was I disappointed...

The 187 really did not serve its purpose for me. It's supposed to be a foundation stippling brush, but it did not give me a flawless coverage, no matter how I tried to use it. It gave me a stripey foundation face, with patches that did not get any foundation at all because the product got sucked up by the brush. Also, the brush loses a lot of hairs, every single time I use it (yes I still use it, but not for foundation). 

Then I read a blog post online from someone who had a similar experience to mine.

't Is the season...

What did you guys get for Christmas?

Friday, 1 November 2013

It's been a long time

Hi guys! (if you're still reading)

To my absolute shame I discovered that I haven't posted anything for about two months. Which is quite strange because I bought a lot of makeup and other fun things with the thought that it would be nice to try it out for the blog and show it to you.

Anyways, if you've followed my previous posts you'll know that I have a new job. It's pretty exhausting and takes a lot of time because of the long hours and the daily commute (I'm sure many of you know how it feels). Lame excuses, I know. But still, it feels a bit like having a first real job all over again and trust me- I'm tired, busy and can't cope all too well with it. A few things are happening in my private life that are stressing me out, confusing me and making me sad. Add to that the autumn and darkness looming upon me (I started too late with my Energy Light) and it all became a bit too much.

But that's life and I have to get over it and get on with it. I'll do my very best to kickstart a steady supply of post about makeup, music, funny things cats and dogs do, books, food and whatever piques my interest. This blog is my secret passion after all and god, I've missed it, and you, my dear anonymous readers.

Miss Y. - London Calling!

I went on a very inspiring trip to London in September and in the next posts you'll find some goodies I bought there. Here you can see the agenda I bought at the Tate Modern (which everyone should visit with the audio guide), I'm obsessed with cute and original agendas and I really enjoy modern art, so this was a match made in heaven. Yes the agenda is huge, but as the commute takes so much time, I carry my life in a huge bag anyway. Which gave me a painful shoulder infection this week. But anyway. Yes. Pathetic :-) I love big bags. Anyhow.

Miss Y. - Tate agenda and London key ring

Your daily dose of cute

Here's a little something to help you get through your Friday.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Katy Perry - Roar

This is how I feel today!

Have a great weekend!

P.S. This kind of reminds me of the video for the Dr. Jones song by Aqua. I loved that back in the days ;-)